What does the Kava app offer?

The following protocols the Kava app currently offers:

  • Kava Mint
    • A protocol that allows you to borrow Kava’s stablecoin, USDX, using your cryptocurrency assets as collateral.
  • Kava Lend
    • A decentralized money market that enables the lending and borrowing of cross-chain assets.
  • Kava Swap
    • A decentralized automated market-maker enabling liquidity mining and low-fee crypto swaps.
  • BUSD Earn
    • Supply BUSD and earn rewards. This earning strategy mints USDX from your BUSD and supplies the USDX into Lend. Withdraw your BUSD anytime for free.
  • Liquid Staking
    • Supply available or staked KAVA and convert it to liquid staked KAVA (bKAVA). bKAVA is then supplied to Earn (Yield Optimizer), which then supplies to Boost.
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