What tokens/assets that are supported on the Kava app?

Native assets (Tokens originated on Kava’s Cosmos Chain):

  • KAVA (Kava chain governance token)
  • bKAVA (Derivate of KAVA from Liquid Staking)
  • HARD (Kava Lend protocol governance token)
  • SWP (Kava Swap protocol governance token)
  • USDX (USDX is a stable coin minted when a Kava CDP is opened on Kava Mint. It functions as an over-collateralized stablecoin)

Natively integrated on Kava's EVM Chain:

  • USD₮ (Tether's stablecoin)

Non-native assets (Tokens that get transferred to Kava’s Cosmos Chain):

  • Binance Beacon Chain (BEP2 pegged tokens):
    • BUSD
    • BNB
    • BTCB
    • XRPB
    • Important note: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) assets aren’t supported.
  • Supported Cosmos Ecosystem projects (Must be initiated via IBC transfers):
    • Osmosis (OSMO)
    • Akash (AKT)
  • Supported EVM assets (Must be bridged via Axelar Bridge):
    • axlUSDC
    • wBTC
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