Most Asked Questions - Kava EVM

What wallet should I use, and what do I put into my wallet to set up on Kava EVM?

How do I find my native Kava address associated with my 0x address?

  • There are two different ways to discover your native address:
    • First, look up your 0x address (‘Kava hex address’) on Then, after looking it up, please click ‘Ethereum’ next to the QR code to double-check check your 0x address is associated with the native Kava address.

      your EVM address into the address box
      Click 'Kava' to view your dervied Kava address
    • Go to the web app and connect your MetaMask wallet.
    • Hover your mouse over the connected MetaMask wallet in the upper right corner of the web app. You should see your Kava address under the 0x address.

      Hover your mouse over the connected MetaMask icon

I exported my Keplr/Trust wallet’s word seed phrase into MetaMask and noticed it gave me a different address. Why?

  • MetaMask and Keplr wallets don't share the same derivation path, so using the exact seed phrase for both wallets doesn't work because both wallets have different methods to generate unique addresses. MetaMask is designed for Ethereum-based chains, while Keplr is optimized for Cosmos-based chains.
  • If you use your Keplr Wallet’s derived EVM address to participate in protocols’ airdrops on the EVM, you wouldn’t be able to claim your airdrops.

There are two blockchain explorers; which one do I use?

  • There are two different blockchain explorers: and
  • explorer is popular among Cosmos Ecosystem projects, but Kava on also supports EVM transactions so that you can view your transactions from both co-chains, Cosmos and EVM.
  • BlockScout explorer is more specifically for EVM chains so you can view your transaction history on Kava EVM, but Cosmos co-chain isn’t supported on BlockScout.  

Where are the top protocols that I should use on the EVM?

  • You can track all the protocols deployed on Kava EVM here:
  • It is recommended that you research the protocols you plan to supply assets. Kava Labs isn’t responsible for the security risks associated with protocols deploying on Kava EVM.
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