I deposited BUSD into my Kava wallet and it never arrived 10 minutes after initiating my transaction. What happens?

When initiating cross-chain swaps between Kava and Binance Beacon involving BEP2 assets such as BUSD, XRPB, and BNB, it's important to note that sometimes swaps may fail and go into the auto-return process for BEP2 assets. This process can take between 48 to 56 hours.

If you have not received your funds back in your wallet after 56 hours, please submit a ticket with your Kava address and transaction identification to help the engineering team investigate your case.

The Binance deputy wallets can run low on funds, resulting in failed swaps. Also, transfers can result in failed swaps 3-5% of the time. You can check the balance of Binance deputy wallets before initiating cross-chain swaps by checking the links below:

BUSD deputy wallet: https://explorer.bnbchain.org/address/bnb10zq89008gmedc6rrwzdfukjk94swynd7dl97w8

XRPB deputy wallet: https://explorer.bnbchain.org/address/bnb15jzuvvg2kf0fka3fl2c8rx0kc3g6wkmvsqhgnh

BTCB deputy wallet: https://explorer.bnbchain.org/address/bnb1xz3xqf4p2ygrw9lhp5g5df4ep4nd20vsywnmpr

BNB deputy wallet: https://explorer.bnbchain.org/address/bnb1jh7uv2rm6339yue8k4mj9406k3509kr4wt5nxn

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