How to add USD₮ and other EVM assets to MetaMask?

Knowing the storage of USD₮ and other assets on the Kava EVM chain is important, as multiple token contract addresses exist on the Kava EVM chain. It is essential to ensure you have the correct token contract addresses in your MetaMask wallet to store USD and other assets. This article will provide a walk-through on storing USD₮ and viewing your USD₮ balance in your MetaMask wallet.

On the Kava EVM chain, two contract addresses below are widely supported among multiple protocols for USD₮ on the Kava EVM:

Natively Integrated by Tether (USD):

Axelar Wrapped USDT (axlUSDT):

How do I import 'Custom Token' information to my MetaMask wallet?

There are a couple of options you can import token information into your MetaMask wallet. It is recommended to go with option #1 since the Kava app has a feature that allows you to import the correct token information into your MetaMask with a few clicks.

Option #1 - Adding token information through the Kava app

Step 1:

Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Kava app.

Step 2:

Hover your mouse over the connected wallet area in the upper right corner of the Kava app, and a drop-down menu will appear. Look for the option labeled 'Add Assets' in the drop-down menu and click on it.

Step 3:

You will see the section displaying the list of EVM assets. Look for the specific asset you want to import, such as USD₮, and click the 'Add' button next to the token you'd like to add to your MetaMask wallet. After clicking 'Add,' click 'Add token.'

In this article, USD₮ is used as an example.

Step 4:

The USD₮ balance should appear in your MetaMask wallet's Tokens list, as displayed in the example below:

Option #2 - Adding token information through the MetaMask wallet extension

Step 1:

Log in to access your MetaMask wallet via the browser extension and click 'Import tokens.'

Step 2:

On the 'Custom token' form, you can copy a token contract address from any supported Kava EVM explorer and enter the token contract address in the 'Token contract address' box. The 'Token symbol' and 'Token decimal' boxes will be auto-populated for you.

Native USD₮ contract address:

Step 3:

After entering the token contract address in the 'Token contract address' box, the 'Token symbol' and 'Token decimal' boxes should be already auto-populated, and click 'Add custom token.' After clicking 'Add custom token,' click 'Import tokens.' Then you are set.

During the Kava 14 upgrade, the internal bridge was launched, allowing users to bridge ATOM onto the Kava EVM, so this article should give you a similar walk-through of adding ATOM and other supported EVM assets balance to your MetaMask wallet.

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