How to supply USD₮ to USD₮ Earn?

USD₮ Earn is an earning strategy that mints USDX from your USD₮ position on the Mint protocol and supplies the USDX into Lend. USD₮ Earn allows you to supply and withdraw with one-click transactions, which takes care of everything in one transaction. It has the same workflow as BUSD Earn.

This article will give you a quick overview of how it works with a walk-through guide. There are a couple of technical features that users must acknowledge beforehand:

  • MetaMask is the only supported wallet to be used.
  • Users can view their USD₮ position on Mint and USDX supplied on Lend, but they can only be managed from the USD₮ Earn page.

Note: if you don't have any USD₮ and want to acquire USD₮, please visit this article.

How do I supply to USDT Earn?

Step 1:

Go to the USDT Earn page and click 'Supply' to supply USD₮. Please ensure you have native USD₮ in your MetaMask.

Step 2:

Please enter the desired amount of USD₮ to supply to the Earn module and click 'Supply USD₮.' Please note that your USD₮ will be supplied to the Mint protocol to mint USDX, and USDX gets supplied to the Lend protocol to start earning rewards.

You can withdraw USD₮ from the Earn module anytime by clicking the 'Withdraw' button, and there will be no penalty to withdraw USD₮ anytime.

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