How to bridge wETH with Stargate?

This article provides a walkthrough of bridging wETH from Ethereum to Kava EVM with Stargate Finance.

To bridge wETH from Ethereum to Kava EVM using Stargate Finance, here are several tips:

  • Get the whitelisted wETH contract address on Kava EVM here and import it to your MetaMask wallet.
  • Please ensure your ETH is wrapped on Ethereum before bridging to Kava EVM.
  • Please be aware of the high transaction costs on the Ethereum network.

Step 1:

  • Navigate to:
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet and select the originating network: Ethereum Mainnet (or any other supported network), where your wETH balance is.

Step 2:

  • Ensure you have enough ETH in your Ethereum Mainnet wallet to cover any gas on the destination chain' or other network-specific fees
  • Select wETH in the Transfer From dropdown and choose the originating network and Transfer To Kava EVM as the destination Network
  • Input the total amount of wETH you want to bridge
  • Review fees and adjust slippage — the price change you're willing to accept during the Transfer — default is 0.5%

Step 3:

  • Click 'transfer' and confirm the transaction in Metamask
  • Confirmation may take time, depending on network congestion and other factors.
  • Once complete, you will get a confirmation notification from Stargate Finance.
  • Switch the network in MetaMask to Kava EVM to verify the bridged wETH has been received.
    • OPTIONAL: Go to the Kava web app and connect your MetaMask wallet: (MetaMask will auto-populate and switch to the Kava EVM Network) if you haven't imported the Kava EVM network information in your MetaMask wallet.
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