I transferred my USDT holdings from a centralized exchange platform to another using the Kava EVM network, but the funds did not arrive at the desired exchange platform. Can you help me locate my USDT?

It is crucial to verify whether the exchange platform you prefer, like Coinbase or Kraken, supports the Kava EVM network before transferring your assets. Some users mistakenly assume that the '0x' deposit addresses can receive deposits from all chains with ‘0x’ addresses, such as the Ethereum network, including EVM chains like Kava EVM and Binance Smart Chain.

Unfortunately, if you mistakenly transferred your assets to an exchange platform that does not support the Kava EVM network, Kava cannot retrieve them. This is because the Kava blockchain is decentralized, and transactions cannot be reversed. If you are in this situation, you must contact the exchange platform directly to resolve the issue.

If you're curious about which exchange platforms support the Kava EVM network and USDT deposits, see the list below:

Please contact Kava Help Center Support by dropping a message through the chatbot if you have any questions about transferring assets to exchange platforms.

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