How do I bridge BEP3 assets to Kava Cosmos?

Users can interact with the Kava Chain and Binance Smart Chain using Cosmos-compatible and EVM-compatible wallets. However, we use Keplr and MetaMask wallets for step-by-step tutorial purposes.

CRUCIAL STEP: Before moving your BEP3 assets to the Kava Cosmos, you must first bridge them to Kava EVM.

BEP3 assets will be bridged to the Kava EVM through Squid Router (Make sure you are on the V2 (Beta) page). However, users will need to bridge BUSD to Kava EVM from Ethereum as the pathway for BUSD between Kava EVM and Binance Smart chain isn't supported. Please note that this walkthrough tutorial applies to any BEP3 assets.

Need to bridge BEP3 assets to Binance Smart Chain? Visit the tutorial here.

Bridge to Kava EVM from Binance Smart Chain

Bridging BEP3 assets to Kava EVM via Squid Router

  1. Connect your Kava Cosmos-compatible wallet (such as Keplr) to the Kava app and navigate to the Balances page.
  2. Next to the desired BEP3 asset, click 'Transfer' to access the dedicated bridge page.
  3. Once on the bridge page, click 'Deposit.' A popup box will appear, prompting you to click 'Deposit XXXX from Binance Smart Chain.' This will take you to a dedicated page to bridge your BEP3 assets through Squid Router.
  4. To bridge BEP3 assets to the Kava EVM, connect your compatible EVM wallet (such as MetaMask) to Squid Router.
  5. Select BNB Chain as the 'From' chain and choose your desired BEP3 asset from the Asset dropdown list. Then, select Kava as the 'To' chain and choose the matching BEP3 asset from the dropdown list.
  6. Enter the total amount of assets you wish to transfer to the Kava EVM and approve all transactions from MetaMask's popup messages as required.
  7. Please note that the bridge process may take 5 to 10 minutes to finalize the transfer to the Kava EVM. Your EVM-compatible wallet balance on Kava EVM will reflect the transferred assets.

Bridge to Kava Cosmos from Kava EVM

Bridging BEP3 assets to Kava Cosmos via Kava app

  1. After bridging BEP3 assets to Kava EVM, return to the desired bridge page in the Kava app.
  2. On the bridge page, click 'Deposit.' A popup box will appear, prompting you to click 'Bridge XXXX to Kava IBC.'
  3. Connect your EVM-compatible wallet to the Kava app to transfer the desired BEP3 asset to Kava Cosmos.
  4. After successfully initiating the transfer, BEP3 assets will appear in your Kava Cosmos-compatible wallet application.
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