Bridging Assets to Kava EVM

Axelar and Stargate are the best bridge options for transferring non-KAVA assets to Kava EVM.

Please be aware that bridging assets through a third-party tool involves relying on external entities. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, there is a risk of potential loss of assets. Kava isn’t responsible for any unforeseen circumstances involving the loss of assets.

Bridging Assets with Axelar

This article uses axlUSDC as an example, but the procedure is very similar for other supported bridged Axelar assets (wBTC, wETH, axlUSDT, etc.).

Step 1

Go to Satellite Bridge, select the network your axlUSDC is currently on in the ‘From’ dropdown list, and select Kava in the ‘To’ dropdown list.

Tip: If your network supports USDC (not axlUSDC), you can swap for axlUSDC from any of the pools listed here by selecting a network.

Step 2

Enter the Kava EVM address from your MetaMask wallet in the destination address box, then click the ‘Generate Deposit Address’ button.

Tip: Do not enter a Kava.cosmos wallet address (Keplr, Trust Wallet, or Ledger), or your assets will be lost forever. If you are unsure, click the ‘Autofill’ button beside the destination address field.

Step 3

Confirm that you are sending axlUSDC to your destination address by clicking the ‘Confirm’ button. 

Tip: Make a small transfer first to make sure your destination address has been entered correctly.

Step 4 

Click ‘Send from MetaMask’ to sign the transaction in the MetaMask popup box, then click ‘Confirm’ in MetaMask. 

Tip: Note the ‘Estimated wait time’ to see how long your transaction will likely take to complete  

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