How to get the ERC20 version of ATOM on Kava EVM?

This article provides a walkthrough of transferring ATOM to Kava’s EVM co-chain from Kava's Cosmos co-chain using the internal bridge.

Step 1:

Go to ‘Transfer’ under the ‘Tools’ tab and select ‘ATOM’ in the dropbox list if needed.

Step 2:

Connect one of your preferred Kava wallets (Trust Wallet, Ledger, Kepler Desktop) and your MetaMask wallet. Select ‘Kava’ as the source chain and ‘Kava EVM’ as the destination chain. After connecting both wallets, fill in the amount of ATOM you want to transfer to Kava EVM and click ‘Transfer.’

Step 3:

After clicking ‘Transfer,’ the ERC20 ATOM balance should appear in your MetaMask wallet. If you haven't added the whitelisted ATOM token information to your MetaMask wallet, please visit this walk-through guide to learn how to add token information through the Kava app to your MetaMask wallet.

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